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About Us

Grace Gallo New York

 Grace Gallo, a successful International business woman, was born in Italy, grew up in Australia, spent seven years working in Hong Kong and has been residing in the city she loves and has called home for twelve years, New York, New York.  Throughout her travels, Grace realized a need to design a clothing line and brand to assist women on “how to dress for the boardroom."  Grace Gallo New York Brand objective is to inspire women and honor all women in the work force.

Sophisticated - Elegant - Timeless.  “Business Women of Today”

Our designs are geared towards the woman who knows what she wants and what it takes to achieve it. The brand represents sophisticated business women around the globe. Grace Gallo believes we deserve great clothing in beautiful designs that celebrate our successes.

Grace Gallo has created a collection that is a modern classic that works from day into night. I wanted timeless and ageless with something new about it, I don’t see the point of classic clothing that looks exactly like it did in every interpretation before. There must be an element of surprise, some sort of detail, something fresh and new about it.

Remember, you can dress in a negative way where your attire is the only message people remember, or you can dress in a way that takes nothing away from the message of your value for yourself you will present to them.
While clothes do not make a woman, they will tell your story. Let the story be Hello, my name is success. The brand represents and helps women dress for the business world. Not for the night club, not for the beach, but the business work, office environment. Grace Gallo New York stands for professionalism.  
My customer, who is she. She loves fine things in every facet of her life. She loves luxury. She wants modern, fresh and new, yet isn’t big news in the sense that she never going to wearing the trendiest most overexposed thing of the moment. Nor  look for flash over substance. Grace See’s her collection as the modern classic. 

“Dress to Express your Success”


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